Quilling Patterns For Beginners


A Complete Guide To Quickly Learn Paper Quilling Techniques With Illustrated Pattern Designs To Create All Your Project IdeasĀ  The art of quilling is an ancient art of noble origins, that goes back to the time of the ancient Egyptians that saw its most prosperous period during the Renaissance when in Italy and France, nuns and monks used strips of golden paper to embellish the covers of religious books, the relics of saints and icons.



You too can learn this wonderful technique of cutting paper into long dainty strips, folding and squeezing the pieces into various shapes, and afterward sticking the ways together to frame enlivening artistry, thanks to this book.
This is a book written for beginners and so you will learn how to make lots of fun and useful projects for any occasion, like birthday cards or photo frames.

You may be reading and studying only for pleasure, or maybe for your sense of achievement in creating your creations, or perhaps earning profit from starting up your little company.