Overdue books from 1957, 1987 returned to Maryland library

A Maryland library said the recent abolition of late fees led to a flood of long-overdue returns, including a book that originally was due in 1957.

The Baltimore County Public Library said the July announcement that late fees were being abolished and outstanding balances were being wiped clean led to an upswing in the return of long-overdue materials.

The library said the returns included a copy of Jubilee Trail by Gwen Bristow that had been due 64 years earlier — on Nov. 5, 1957.

Another recent was a copy of Gail Godwin’s A Mother and Two Daughters that had been due on March 10, 1983.

Library director Sonia Alcantara-Antoine said eliminating overdue fines is a step toward making libraries more accessible for those in need.

“Library fines create barriers to access and hurt the people who need its resources and services the most,” Alcantara-Antoine told WJZ-TV.

“Eliminating unnecessary fees levels the playing field for all in the community, and it is exciting to be part of this structural change.”